In the 1980s, businesses moved quickly. The rule of thumb was that you had two years in order to bring an idea to fruition, or someone else would have thought of the same thing and already done it. Can you imagine taking two years to bring an idea to market in the modern world? If you take six months you'll be lucky to be ahead of your competition.

That's why creating a business which is high-performing and adaptable is more important than ever. To have a high-performing and adaptable enterprise, you need people who move quickly and can deal with change and ambiguity. Dealing well with change and ambiguity is not a natural mental state for most humans — which is why you have to prepare your team. You have to give them the proper inputs. As the leader of your organization, this means doing two things:

  • Providing a hierarchy of goals, that starts with the vision and then moves down to mission, strategy, and ultimately tactics.
  • Setting the tone and culture for the business, which starts by setting the values.

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