At C. W. Richardson & Assoc., we believe that business must balance creativity with science. That's not to say we're discovering big, universal truths over here, the way mathematics or physics might be. But it is to say that we're using the scientific method to find truths about how you can best succeed in your business.

Let's take the example of writing copy for an ad. Here's a real example from one of our customers (though the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

We had a customer who thought they were in the business of selling widgets, and we wrote an on-line ad to help them sell widgets. But our research also turned up that widgets were sometimes called thingamajigs and sometimes thingamabobs. So, when we first ran the ad, we ran it with a very limited release, to control costs, and with three versions of the ad copy — one each with widgets, thingamajigs, and thingamabobs. As it turned out, ten times more people clicked on the ad for widgets than the ad for thingamajigs, and 100 times more than the ad for thingamabobs. However, it also turned out that those who clicked on either of the latter two ads were ten times more likely to buy the product than those who clicked on the ad for widgets.

This is why it's so important to understand your goals, and how to measure those goals. If the goal was to get customers to click on the ad, then the ad for widgets was clearly the correct one. However, if the goal was to get people to become customers, then marketing dollars spent on the thingamajig ad were 100 times more effective.

While the above example may have been about on-line marketing, the same thing applies to your entire business. We help you figure out exactly what to measure, and how to measure it. Click here to see how we can put the scientific method to work for you.