On-Line Display Advertising

Integrating Your Learning

If you’ve read my other articles, you knew this part was coming. In order to make your on-line display ads as effective as possible, you have to understand who your customers are, what their target characteristics are, and what works to convert prospects to customers. Through a few iterations of the SEMSEO cycle, you will have learned a lot about converting leads to customers. You’ll know what words to use, what colors to use, what graphics are the most effective. And when they click on your display ad, they’ll come to a page that is already optimized to convert them to customers.

But perhaps most importantly of all, you’ll have a good estimate of what your starting cost per customer will be. If you have that information in hand, then a $60 CPM might be a great bargain. If you don’t than even a $2 CPM might turn into a terrible waste of money. A good marketing campaign is exactly that: a campaign. If you jump into display advertising without first understanding your key metrics, and what your likely results will be, then you’ll be fighting a losing battle. With SEM, you don’t pay until a prospect comes to your site. Use that as your starting point, and learn everything you can before you start spending money on eyeballs that may or may not turn into clicks.


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