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Chris Richardson is a marketing and operations business leader who delivers sustainable, multi-million dollar, global results for technology companies. He designs and implements strategies which seek to leverage market or technical discontinuities to create compelling advantage, and then manages organizational structure to facilitate both top and bottom line growth.

The First 3 Things You Should Outsource

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Let’s face it, if you’re running a business, you’re busy. And if it’s a small business, you’re probably really busy. The best advice for any business, anywhere, anytime, of any size, is to focus on your core competencies. What this really means is stop spending time on things that aren’t directly key to your business. Some of those things you should probably just stop entirely. But some of them must be done. That doesn’t mean they must be done by you. Here are my top 3 recommendations for things you should outsource immediately.


U.S. tech companies are urging the OECD to urge the G20 to not close “tax loopholes”.

The G20 tax reform project was announced last summer, billed as the “once in a century” opportunity to overhaul the global tax system. While the work has the backing of all G20 nations, it has been most enthusiastically championed by France, with strong backing from Britain and Germany. America’s support has been conspicuously lukewarm.

To be honest, I straddle the fence on this. As a global citizen and entrepreneur, I generally am in favour of any moves toward global unification. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, global or otherwise, taxes are already difficult enough and I don’t necessarily want governments coordinating to make it more expensive and difficult to run a business.