G20 Global Tax Overhaul — Once in A Century

U.S. tech companies are urging the OECD to urge the G20 to not close “tax loopholes”. The G20 tax reform project was announced last summer, billed as the “once in a century” opportunity to overhaul the global tax system. While the work has the backing of all G20 nations, it has been most enthusiastically championed […]

Map of The World Rescaled According to Public Debt

Top 10 Global Risks

Each year the World Economic Forum releases their Global Risks Report. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Risks for 2014. Since 2006, the Global Risks report has been calling attention to global risks that can be systemic in nature, causing breakdowns of entire systems and not only their component parts … to provide […]

svn apache mediatemple dv 4.0 how to

Sometimes, things which seem like they shouldn’t be that hard actually aren’t that hard, but it’s hard to figure out how easy they are. Configuring Subversion to run over Apache on a MediaTemple dv 4.0 server is one of those things. It’s actually pretty easy, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, then finding […]

Hacked By Shade

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Is The Great Experiment Ending?

E pluribus unum Annuit cœptis Novus ordo seclorum Those words — out of many, one; our undertakings have been approved; a new order of the ages — connoted an unprecedented national optimism, and foretold what has unquestionably turned out to be a new order of the ages. Fifteen years of literal blood, sweat, and tears […]

Le Corbeau Tag Cloud

Fun Internet Tool of The Day — Improving Tag Clouds

I know I haven’t written anything in a while, and I hate to come back with something less than substantive, but this is a fun tool I’ve just discovered. If you’re tired of boring old tag clouds and want to see more like the above, then it’s time to check out wordle (in the above […]

A View into U.S. Taxes

With the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the ensuing uproar around the dangers of a “new type of tax”, I’ve been thinking a bit recently about the maximum sustainable tax rate for a given country. So I started to do some digging, […]

Grammar in Social Media and Game Dynamics

OK. This is more of a rant than a proper blog post. But it’s too long for twitter, so you get it here. What on Earth is wrong with all of these companies using game dynamics in the context of social media. Specifically, why can’t they tell what gender their users are, and why have […]

Global Entrepreneurship

Last week, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman turned me on to the blog of Martin Varsavsky. It’s a great blog, and in a recent post he spoke about how understandings of entrepreneurship and wealth creation (or the lack thereof) were affecting Spain. His train of reasoning brought me back to my musings around the relationship of time, […]

Size Matters

A while ago, I wrote on some key things to keep in mind when looking at opening an additional location. I was recently talking to a colleague of mine, and he said that if he were starting a new business, it wouldn’t be in Prague (for the record, at the time, I was based in […]

Sales Operations

Recently, I took the responsibility for developing a sales-operations department. Naturally, I started with the question, “what, exactly, is ‘sales operations’”?

Your People

Recently, I was speaking with a manager in my organization. He said something which I hand’t heard in a while, but was once a common refrain in my own early managerial career. “Sometimes it gets to the point where it’s just easier to do it myself.”

Metallurgists and Cabinet Makers

As a company grows to a certain size, inevitably it becomes impractical to know everyone in the organization. And when you join a company that’s already big, it’s entirely possible for you to not know about certain divisions or practices. It was exactly this lack of knowledge that caused me to be immeasurably excited by […]

The Great Game of Business

Back at the beginning of Summer, I put together a back-to-the-basics reading list. But as I’ve progressed through this particular summer, I’ve had more time to think about personal and collective motivation. How do you get your employees goals aligned with your goals? And I thought back to one book that has shaped my thinking […]

Organizational Behavior

As we move through our careers, if we’re successful (and maybe even if we’re not) we will continue to encounter unique situations and problems which we haven’t encountered before. Whether that’s managing a difficult individual, or navigating organizational change, or engaging in M&A for the first time, or managing across cultural boundaries for the first […]

Back to The Basics

As we head into summer here, I thought it might be useful to put together a quick summer reading list. If you haven’t already read these three books, go get them now: The Art of War (kindle) (iPad) The Book of Five Rings (kindle) (iPad) The Prince (kindle) (iPad) If you have read them, go […]

Outbound Marketing

Everything from web-site design, to search-engine marketing (SEM/SEO), to trade shows, to television commercials, classic outbound marketing, also known as marketing communications (MarCom) is the nuts and bolts of any marketing campaign. It can also include branding, publicity, and public relations, which I already discussed under .

Watch Full Movie Online The Limehouse Golem (2017)

The Limehouse Golem (2017) Duration 105 mins Genre Horror, Thriller. In Cinemas August 31, 2017 Language English. Country United Kingdom. Plot For The Limehouse Golem ‘The Limehouse Golem’ is a movie genre Horror, was released in August 31, 2017. Juan Carlos Medina was directed this movie and starring by Bill Nighy. This movie tell story […]